Hyper-V: The Next Generation

So I submit an app to the Windows 8 store for certification last night. And I think, “Well, let’s just hope they don’t catch me on not being able to provide a test Microsoft account.” Then I go to bed, all unsuspecting and whatnot. Then I wake up to the lovely rejection notice from the store app testers. But this isn’t a normal one, like forgetting a privacy policy, or “your app is not worthy”. This is simple. Apparently, in the hands of the testers, my app won’t run. It just crashes (which will be another blog post for another day). So I think, “Great. This is just lovely. I guess now I need to spin up a Hyper-V instance of Win8 to test in my own ‘clean room’ environment.” No big deal. I’ve got my MSDN subscription handy, so I go grab a key and the Win8 x64 ISO, and get started. But when I’m going through the New Virtual Machine Wizard, I come across something new and strange.

And I LIKE it.
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My First API – Windows Store Wrapper

UPDATE 2015-07-12: The Store API is no longer supported. Windows 10 is on the cusp of release and I’m not sure if I’ll be updating the API to support the new Store data. Therefore, the site has been removed. Thanks you to everyone who used it and found it helpful.

So I got to thinking recently. Which is always dangerous for me. I thought, “Hey, what if I’m working on some app or service, and I need info about an app from the Windows Store? Is there a way to get that via WinRT?” As it turns out, there’s not. Then I thought, “Surely, there has to be a simple way to get it from Microsoft via the web, right?” Wrong. “Wait, maybe someone did this already so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.” There IS no damn wheel.

So I chiseled one.
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I’m not gonna do a lengthy intro, since most of you know me already. Instead, I’ll just say that this is where I’ll put my tech-related crispy bits that aren’t over on 88 Acres. Mostly, this is the stuff that I do for fun. Enjoy!